Photography is about the result; whether it pleases you and achieves what you want. I am available for commissioned photography for your required purposes, including commercial property but also more general subjects. A quoted rate normally includes basic processing of images and storage media if needed. Please use the 'contact' tab to discuss your exact requirements and costings. I am very flexible regarding subject and am based in the West Midlands. Quotes will depend on travel requirements. Specialised equipment may have to be hired and charged. 

Contact me on 01234 742623 cell 07538 189476

or at simonguypacker@gmail.com. You can also use the form on the contacts page.

This site also discusses the tools, the techniques and the technology of photography. There will also be equipment reviews from time-to-time.


The Gear    The tools of the trade have never been more diverse or more powerful. From increasingly capable smartphone cameras (but see the technical article on 'sensor size') to medium format digital cameras. From Windows-included photo editors to powerful image processing suites and specialised software with high performance in specific niche areas. 

The Methods The techniques of photography have changed somewhat, but the underlying essence of still picture photography remains the same. A technically excellent photograph can only enhance a good composition, it's never a substitute. However, as digital technology has evolved, there are more and more possibilities for post production enhancement of captured images.

The Science The technology of photography underlies both the tools and the techniques. Concepts like aperture, film or sensor speed and effective shutter speed have remained foundational throughout the history of photography, surviving the transition from film to digital. Often the camera automates these settings. But these concepts still govern the behaviour and results from cameras, whether stand-alone or integrated into other technology such as tablets and smartphones. There are many other areas of interest within photography for those inclined to technical understanding.


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